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Franck Balson

Blur Studio


Mike Alderson



Adina Sales



Ben Radatz



Dan & Jason

Hornet Inc.


Alan Williams

Imaginary Forces


Dave Snyder



Gabe Garner



Ryan Moore



Greg Hahn



Elizabeth Kiehner



Zander Brimijoin

Red Paper Heart


Chris Bahry



David Footman



Shannon Lewis

Passion Pictures


Jennifer Giddens

Sprout / NBCUniversal


Maryanne Butler



Steve Viola

 FX Networks


Nick Setounski

Wieden Kennedy NY


Dan O’Rourke

Not To Scale


Sue Lee

Los York


Jonathan Vingiano

Barton F. Graf


Cedric Gairard



Patricia Claire

Free Agents


Josh Grossberg

McCann NY


Skip D’Amico



James Callahan






Leo Mateus



Lucia Grillo



Rob Petrie



Andrei Juradowitch

MPC Creative


Two full days of inspiration and insight

PES – Pitches, Bitches!

How does Oscar and Emmy-nominated director PES pitch commercials and how has the pitching process changed since he started directing spots 12 years ago?

PES will share never-seen pitch materials and share anecdotes about recent pitch trends and strategies.

He’ll also discuss why pitching led him to quit advertising for several years and how he balances the making of his own films with that of directing commercials for hire and how he finds the art of the spot.

PES’s successful recent pitches include his multi-award winning spot Honda “Paper”, as well as Honda “The Power of Ridgeline,” which premiered during the opening ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympics.

30 mins


Humans are distinct from the rest of the animal continuum with our complex communication, narratives, storytelling, and world-creating. 

We gather around the campfire absorbing tales. We read books to our kids at night awakening their sense of an expansive imaginative world. Children’s books, fine art, and literature are loaded with clever communication.

Adina's favorite children’s books use visuals (visual and written) to awaken the imagination and engage us in a journey.   Her favorite art distills narrative into something smaller and contained which represents a much larger story. 

We engage our audience when we guide them thoughtfully and passionately into our imagination. When we pitch, we are asking someone to join us on a journey.

30 mins

STEVE VIOLA, FX NETWORKS – Win Together, Lose Together

No matter which side of the tracks we’re on – vendor or client – chances are we know too little about life on the other side.

Let’s bridge that gap and look at the pitch process through multiple vantage points.

As the former ECD of method design and current SVP of design at FX Networks, Steve Viola will explore best practices in design and pitching from both sides while revealing the process behind winning pitches like the main titles for Marvel’s The Avengers.

You’ll also discover what it means to suddenly switch gears and be on the receiving end of pitches as a creative executive at a premiere television network.

The take away? Venturing across the tracks, we learn we’re all in this together!

30 mins

UNDER THE HOOD (PANEL) – Moderator Ben Radatz

Shrinking budgets. Compressed schedules. Rising pitch and deliverable expectations.

Over the last five years these factors have accelerated to become the status quo in the design and production industry.

Join MK12 founder/director Ben Radatz as he gathers leaders from both the client and studio side of the creative equation to ask “How are these forces impacting the quality of the work we produce?”


Maryanne Butler, Creative Director @ Framestore

Jennifer Giddens, SVP of Marketing & Digital @ NBCUniversal

Sue Lee, Executive Producer @ LOS YORK

Nick Setounski, Head of Production @ Wieden+Kennedy NY


Founder/director @ MK12



FRANCK BALSON, BLUR STUDIO – Pitching Deadpool: The Untold Story

Together let’s see what it took to bring Deadpool to the big screen, from the first attempts to its final overwhelming success.

We’ll dive into the process of making the initial test footage, and how in addition to a lot of pitch efforts with the studio, an anonymous leak helped make this movie become a reality.

We’ll also see how even during the production of the movie a lot of ideas needed to be sold. Finally, we’ll take a look at the process of creating an unusual opening title sequence.


LIZ KIEHNER, IBMIX – Pitching to the Fortune 500: The Secrets of Selling Client Direct

While ad agencies and cable stations have standard pitching best practices and processes, walking into the boardroom of a Fortune 500 can feel like the Wild West.

Learn how to present brilliant creative with tangible and measurable results. Shift your mindset from execution-oriented to one anchored in human truth and business insight.

Get to know the inner workings of a global corporation, and uncover the smart questions to ask up front and the pitfalls you can avoid through the process.

Armed with these insights you will be a stronger creative business leader.

30 mins

WAR STORIES x 3: Imaginary Forces, Not To Scale, McCann NY

Witness three hard-fought victories from the front lines of the pitching wars:

1. How Imaginary Forces pitched the Emmy-nomintaed HBO “Vinyl” titles to Mick Jagger and Martin Scorcese.

2. How Not To Scale survived a grueling roller coaster pitch process to land a large Amex project by pitching “with” the agency and not “at” them.

3. How McCann NY achieved lift-off (after 18 months of pitching) for the ground-breaking and multi-award winning “Field Trip to Mars” VR experience.


Alan Williams, Creative Director @ Imaginary Forces

Dan O'Rourke, Founder/Executive Producer @ Not To Scale

Josh Grossberg, SVP Group Creative Director @ McCann NY

45 mins

GABE GARNER & DAVE SNYDER, FIRSTBORN – Lessons From the Upside Down

We’ve all sat on one side of a pitch, praying our dongle will work and trying to read impossible poker faces, but what happens when you visit a parallel universe and the tables are turned?

This year Gabe and Dave had a glimpse into their own Upside Down reality when they tasked their employees to pitch them a technology to solve the issue of food waste in the U.S.

After judging 14 pitches in two and a half hours, there were some definitive do’s, don’t’s, and Demogorgons they need to share.

30 mins


Attempting to win a pitch within an ever diminishing timeframe is becoming a weekly challenge.

Innovative thinking and high end creative wrapped in a presentation so slick you could lick it.

You’ve got 3 days…go!

30 mins

SHANNON LEWIS, PASSION PICTURES – Synergy, Collaboration, and Avoiding the “Epic Failure”

In the constantly evolving world of advertising and filmmaking, it can be hard to keep up. Often we attempt to become a “jack of all trades, master of none,” but it can come at a cost.   

Through the analysis of two different project treatments – one epic failure and one incredible success – Shannon will discuss the ways in which understanding their key strengths as a company and admitting where they need a little help, can lead to strong relationships and effective pitches.

In other words,  gaining a better understanding of how collaboration and tapping into a broad network of talent – while maintaining a balance of creative control – can help produce superior pitch work.

30 mins

DAVID FOOTMAN, UBISOFT – The Never-ending Pitch: Game Cinematics in the Non-linear Open World

Cinematics in AAA gaming is both volatile and hyper-iterative due to complex dependencies created by gameplay. Open world games take that difficulty to yet another level by adding a non-linear narrative.

How do we craft cinematics that can occur in any order? How can we gauge the quality and emotional connection to these scenes, when each player can have a completely different progression and experience?

The answer is pitch, previz, and prototype in-engine – fail fast and cheaply right in front of players during testing. Rinse and repeat until you succeed.

Pre-visualization then becomes both a writing and a realization tool and helps teams create compelling and emotional player-driven content.

30 mins

GREG HAHN & RYAN MOORE, GRETEL – Viceland: Losing = Winning

In mid-2015 Gretel pitched for the branding of Viceland, the linear culture channel being launched by Vice.

Vice is the fastest growing youth media brand in the world. It was a plum opportunity to be invited to pitch on shaping Viceland’s identity from scratch, especially with Spike Jonze and Eddy Moretti as creative leads on the client side.

They put a ton of hard work into one of our best pitches to date. But it didn’t win.

Or it did? Sort of. And that’s what Greg and Ryan will be talking about: how not winning can still sometimes be winning.

In the process, they’ll also talk a about how they approach a pitch and what the pros and cons are for clients and studios.

30 mins

PITCHING IN PERSPECTIVE (PANEL) – Moderator: Patricia Claire

More salon than panel, this session delivers a free exchange of ideas on pitching – is it a necessary practice, entrenched and tedious chore, inspired opportunity, blessing, or curse?

Join veteran studio rep Patricia Claire as she hosts panelists who have each worked on multiple sides of the industry fence – brand, agency, production and creative.

This provocative discussion will reveal the forces and motivations that drive these roles past and present.

The goal is to shine a light on both shared aspirations and pressures in seemingly opposed parties – and to increase transparency, rapport and civility, as we all navigate our careers, values, goals and even our conscience.


Cedric Gairard, Head of Development @ Special Guest

Lucia Grillo, Production Development Director @ Droga5

Jonathan Vingiano, Creative Director @ Barton F. Graf

Skip D’Amico, Global Marketing Manager Creative Content @ Cadillac

45 mins



ANDREI JURADOWITCH & ROB PETRIE, MPC – Pass the Xanax: Pitching Outside Your Comfort Zone

You can feel the jitters even before you start the process. The idea is wild, crazy, close to impossible to articulate without resorting to 3D-printing some Rube Goldberg contraption to explain it.

Welcome to pitching outside your comfort zone.

In “Pass the Xanax,” this steel-nerved duo from MPC Creative – the design and production arm of global VFX studio MPC – walk you through the steps they’ve endured pitching experiential and emerging media projects like Google’s “Tilt Brush” film, the “Faraday Future” VR experience for CES, and Hennessy’s “Crafted Light” exhibit at Harrod’s Flagship store in London.

30 mins

ZANDER BRIMIJOIN, RED PAPER HEART – Magical Realism: Pitch Art for Installations

Pitching an idea for a new interactive installation means you have no idea what you’re doing. And that’s OK, especially when the installation you’re proposing has never been done before.

Zander and his team constantly find themselves in situations where they need to make an idea seem real just long enough to figure out how to build it.

A good styleframe can get you in trouble, but more often it is a powerful tool to make something visible to focus large collaborative teams on how to fund, design build, and program something for realz.

This session is about how to turn a crazy idea into an effective pitch when you have limited time, resources and charm.

30 mins

CHRIS BAHRY & LEO MATEUS, TENDRIL – Be Smart, Be Transparent, Be Human

Pitching is an inspiring and exciting unknown, but it is also an increasing challenge to studios for reasons both internal and external.

Tendril's Chris Bahry and Leo Mateus will take you on a ride through the beautiful magic, the ugly moments, and the hysterical mishaps that have all been intrinsic to the Tendril pitch process.

The three key points their team has distilled: the need for clients and studios alike to be smart, be transparent, and ultimately to be human.

30 mins

DAN ABDO & JASON PATTERSON, HORNET – Pitching TV Series vs Pitching Commercials

How do you approach a pitch for an original animated series versus pitching for a commercial? And how do you find the story in both?

At Hornet, they love making commercials. The compressed schedules, small teams and the ability to try out innovative animation styles creates an electric creative atmosphere.

Series work is kind of the opposite. It’s a long, long, long pipeline, the animation isn’t as innovative and it often feels more like a nine to five job.

However, in series you can really develop characters and tell elaborate stories. The audience can stay with you for years.

Using examples from their fifteen years in pitching, Dan and Jason will illustrate what they’ve learned makes a commercial pitch stand out, what makes a series pitch special and ultimately what the two have in common.

30 mins

MIKE ALDERSON, MANVSMACHINE – Up The Mountain and Into The Abyss

The way Mike sees it, every pitch or treatment needs to be approached as a design project in itself. Often the tone-of-voice of a presentation deck is as important as the creative content within it.

Three key takeaways from this talk:

1. Design is supposed to be fun

2. We’re fortunate to do this shit for a living

3. Enjoy it

30 mins


We staged the first STYLE FRAMES conference in 2013 as an experiment.

We knew intense competition in the creative industry had transformed the pitch process into a major source of stress and tension for studios all over the world.

What would happen if we gathered talented and insightful people from both sides of the bidding equation to share their pitches, war stories and lessons learned?

The result?

A sold out theatre, brilliant presentations, surprising insights, and heated exchanges about today’s creative eco-system and where it’s headed.

Hundreds of emails followed asking when the next STYLE FRAMES would happen.

The experiment continues.

STYLE FRAMES 2016 includes a wider range of creative disciplines, a larger venue and the same goals: to help you stay inspired, competitive and connected.


“Great work has to be sold. And it isn’t easy to do so, because great work is unexpected.”


Coughter & Company


The SVA Theatre

Located in the heart of Chelsea and just minutes from the C/E and 1 trains

333 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011
Phone: (212) 592-2980


Mingle, network and unwind in style.

After a full day of inspirational talks and lessons from some of the brightest creative minds in the industry,
this is your chance to relax and share your thoughts on the day with attendees and presenters
over drinks and entertainment.

Hosted by MPC NY, this is an evening social you do not want to miss!

434 Broadway, 9th flr, New York, NY 10013

Monday, November 7th, 2016.  Doors open at 7pm. Your STYLE FRAMES badge is required for entry.



STYLE FRAMES 2016 is a co-production of Stash Media, Inc. (the publishers of Stash Magazine and the Stash Permanent Collection) and FITC (supreme masters of creative technology events).

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